About Us

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Metal Monkeys are a not for profit organisation dedicated to developing the arts practice of its’ members and sharing this practice with the community. The group was established with setting up a transportable iron foundry in 2008 for creating fine art cast Iron.

Our primary approach is person centred; each person is treated as an individual, with individual needs and interests.

We see our task as artists to facilitate a creative process that enables self-expression and reflection, discovering new things to contribute to individuals, groups and organisations.

Our Values

  • We believe that everyone has the ability to be creative, each of us has something to contribute because of the unique quality we have as human beings.
  • We accept people where they are at yet foster challenge as a requirement for growth
  • We value collaboration; providing unique opportunities for the discussion of ideas, sharing of experience and strengthening identity and sense of community

Our aims


  • To establish a collective of artists who are working collaboratively.
  • To facilitate creative exploration for artists and the wider community.
  • To establish an experienced team of professional artists who will work with the community.
  • To develop the arts and professional practice of our members.
  • We aim to be inclusive and not discriminate on the grounds of gender, ability, age, sexual orientation or ethnicity.